Short and Sweet? This is from my page:

After decades of “doing” and teaching Earth sciences, Maggie has found a new niche, one where she helps people understand why they should give a rat’s ass about the science breakthroughs and boondoggles being broadcast every day. A science junkie for most of her life, she fears that the science might not matter if no one cares, and she is always looking for better ways to explore that idea with readers.

A lover of the outdoors, she nonetheless has a TTAAACWO (ThingsTo Avoid At All Costs While Outside) list that includes bears, scorpions and Portuguese Man’O’War. A seasoned wave watcher, she has been known to stare at the ocean for hours. She blames her mother.

Need more?

I started The World Outside Your Window as a way to extend my teaching, and to satisfy my wanderlust on the days I couldn’t lace up my hiking boots. I just sat down one day and started writing at my kitchen table. I had a lovely home office; I also had an office at the college where I taught. So why my kitchen? Because when I sat there I was surrounded by windows. I have to admit it was occasionally distracting, but it was also inspirational – whether I was writing about watersheds, airsheds, or the latest mud volcano – I watched clouds roll by and seasons change.

Where am I writing, right now? Well, I’m still surrounded by windows but I’m in a different home in a different province – I’ve traded prairies for mountains. I’ve also traded teaching for writing, and “stakeholder engagement” for “sharing cool stuff” because it’s what I love to do.  The blog started as a way to provide simple answers to common questions about science and nature (sometimes short and sweet is all a person needs), and I still intend to do that. I also still plan to post interesting links, photos, infographics, and videos that I come across in my research, writing, and traveling.

What are you doing right now? Are you near a window? Why don’t you take a picture and send it to me so I can share it? It doesn’t have to be a glamour shot of a sandy beach and palm trees – it just has to be what you see through your window (or porthole, tent flap or sunroof). Either upload the photo in “Contact Us” or email it to me if it’s over 1 MB. You can even post it to twitter by replying to me – @rivrchik, or send me a DM. Please give me a tiny bit of information about the location so I can put it on the map (hey, I’m a geographer – there HAS to be a map!).


P.S. I started a  small environmental communications company (Flatland Environmental) over 20 years ago and I’m now doing most of my work through that. I still do some volunteer and contract work for Alberta environmental non-profits, and I’ve upped my writing game by completing courses and certificates in editing and proofreading. Contact me if you need any sciencey, naturey things written, edited or proofed – I’d love to do it! And I think I’m going to have to change my company name. Flatland? Jeez… I now spend half my time oceanside in Belize and the other half across from the Columbia Wetlands in British Columbia… how about “Edgewater” Environmental?