Once again, writing guest blogs for Live Out There sent me snarfling through my photos and caused a great deal of anguish over picking favourites. Check out my post on things to do in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, and my post about a spectacular hiking holiday my husband and I had in Greece. I think you’ll enjoy them…

While you’re here I’ll share a little secret about San Pedro… San Pedro adopted the nickname of “La Isla Bonita” after a well known 1980s Madonna song of the same name. She sang about dreaming of San Pedro, but there has never been confirmation that she meant this San Pedro! There are so many signs all over the place proclaiming it though, that everyone just assumes it’s true. Actually, there are all sorts of great signs around here, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites, along with a few random shots of daily life in my part-time home.

April SunriseSP

Sunrise this morning! And it was a DOLPHIN day, but the little brat played hide and seek and the only photo I got was a crappy fin shot…oh well, there’s always tomorrow 🙂

No garbage
Why yes, I did notice, lookin’ good!

Still one of my favourite bathroom signs (and I’ve seen a few doozies in my travels!)

No litta
Dozens of these painted garbages all over the island. Various sayings…

Working in San Pedro 1
Commuting to work, San Pedro style…

Working in San Pedro 2
A hard-working mama…

Moray neighbour
My seawall buddy…

A lonely palapa…

Cleaning crab

And I hesitate to tell you how much time I’ve spent watching these guys clean out their homes every morning!!