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Welcome To The World Outside Your Window!

This blog started out as a way to simply share what people see when they look out their windows. I’ve always loved looking out windows and I’ve always been curious about what others see when they look out their windows. The blog has evolved though (as blogs do) and it’s now more of a celebration of nature and the planet, of whatever tiny piece of it we can shoehorn into our busy days. I have to admit that I am tired of reading about how we’re “wrecking the Earth,” or that nature is “doomed.” I’m a bit guilty of supporting that in some way, I often retweet stories of ocean acidification or habitat degradation, but my twitter feed is also full of “Hey, look at the cool landscape” and “Whoa, look at what science can do” stories as well.

So while this blog is still about bringing “other” places to your door – where we all live and work, what we see every day, and where we fit in the world – it’s now also about simply appreciating what nature has to offer.  I still want your photos, and blog posts will accompany most of them, exploring a topic suggested by the image. I just plan to throw in more photos of the world outside my own window, whether it’s a window in Belize, Brooks, or British Columbia.

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