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Welcome To The World Outside Your Window!

I’ve always loved looking out windows, and I’ve always been curious about what other people see when they look out their windows. I don’t know if I became a geographer because of that curiosity, or if becoming a geographer reinforced the desire to know more about the differences between places, and the people who live there.

This site is about bringing those places to your door – where we all live, where we work, what we see every day – and where we fit in the world. Blog posts accompany some of the photos – connecting the view to the natural world; exploring a topic suggested by the image. It’s not always an obvious connection – what I see might not be what you see – but that’s the beauty of it. Sometimes it’s nice to see our familiar spaces through someone else’s eyes.

Latest From The Blog

  • Window on the Bow

Window on the Bow

  • June 10th, 2013

Note: I’ve been away so I’m double-dipping… here is a post that I wrote […]